ETIquette in kuonola

We want to ensure that every customer enjoys their stay in Kuonola. Please, consider the other customers and the environment when you visit us. The dog needs to relieve itself before coming to Kuonola. Please make sure the dog does not relieve itself at Kuonola’s parking lot or in its immediate vicinity. Remember to always pick up dog poop. If you do not have a dog poop bag for some reason, you can get one from Kuonola.

During the dog’s SPA care, the owners can enjoy themselves at the Kuonola Lounge and have a cup of coffee or tea and read up on the day’s papers. The Lounge has Wi-Fi connection.

Parking: If you come by car, you can park your car in Kuonola’s parking lot.

Cancellations: If your dog cannot make the reservation for some reason, please cancel the reservation at least a day (24H) beforehand. Otherwise the reserved treatment will be charged in full.


Our booking system allows you to book your dog’s individual SPA care, SPA service with day care or just day care.