In addition to grooming, nail clipping and paw care, bathing and day care services, Kuonola can provide your dog with other special services. These services may bring your dog overall well-being, which is positively reflected in the everyday life of the home of a family with dogs. Read more about the services below, find the services that best suit you and book an appointment.

If you are not able to find the service you are looking for in the menu, please contact us and we will book an appointment to go over your specific needs.


Erityisesti pennuille suunnattu tutustumiskäynti, jossa tärkeintä on totutella käsittelyyn, tutustua trimmauspöytään, trimmaajiin ja trimmaamon tuoksuihin.

Helping your dog get to know Kuonola

This service is especially meant for puppies who need to get used to the treatment and get acquainted with the grooming table, the groomers and the smells in the room. Getting to know the space is greatly beneficial to the puppy in the future, as grooming is no longer such a new and scary experience.

After getting to know the space, it is a good idea to continue on with the grooming visits to make them an everyday routine for the dog and a pleasant part of your dog’s life. You may come with your dog either just to practise the treatment and for consultation, or choose to have some SPA services provided at the same time. The service is also well-suited for older dogs for whom visiting a groomer is a new experience.

Price: 22 €

Korvien nyppiminen ja puhdistus- palvelussa koiran korvasta nypitään korvakäytävää tukkivat karvat ja samalla korva puhdistetaan huolellisesti.

Plucking and cleaning the ears

In this service, the dog’s ears are plucked clean of hair blocking the ear canal and cleaned thoroughly at the same time. Some dogs may have especially strong hair growth inside their ear canals. The hair prevents air from entering the ear and may, at its worst, cause the dog to have painful inflammation. It is a good idea to regularly check and clean the ears.

The dog hair is often sensitive, and plucking hair from the ear canal may require the dog to get accustomed with the treatment itself. Getting used to the services is especially necessary if the dog has not been taught to handle these types of situations since they were a puppy. If there is a lot of hair in the air canal and the dog is not used to plucking the hair, the plucking cannot necessarily be completed in one visit.

Price: 28 €

Handling training

Kuonola’s handling training helps the dog eliminate various fears, such as fear or aggressive behavior during trimming, fear of the vet, fears during massage, physiotherapy or other handling, tension in show or approach situations as well as problems with nail clipping, brushing, washing, regular medication or other everyday situations. Handling training may also include, for example, training for putting on a harness or clothing smoothly with positive reinforcement.

Depending on the dog, the tools used in the training are positive reinforcement, habituation, desensitization and counter conditioning. The trained dog is not forced to undergo any measures. The goal of the training is to achieve a relaxed and easy-to-handle dog that responds positively to handling.

The service consists of the initial survey session (45 minutes) and further training (30 minutes). The durations of the training sessions are short and snappy to ensure the effective concentration of the dog, which allows for the best possible benefits from the training.

The training project may include home exercises as they usually assist the training. Please bring treats that the dog likes to each training session, and make sure to cut the treats into small pieces. For toy lovers, you can also bring a nice toy.

During the first training session, the dog’s background is reviewed so that the trainer can determine the extent of the problem and how it manifests, as well as to ensure that, for example, sick dogs are not trained prior to a veterinary inspection for welfare reasons.

Price: Survey €52 and further training €42.


Our booking system allows you to book your dog’s individual SPA care, SPA service with day care or just day care.