Regular bathing is important if you want to take good care of your dog’s skin and coat. It is especially important for dogs with long hair. Dirty hair easily becomes more brittle and tangled. With the individual bathing included in our bathing service you can make sure your dog is clean and feeling well.


SPA bathing package

The SPA service includes careful washing and blow drying of the coat, ear cleaning and nail clipping. To give a beautiful and shiny result, we use organic products for bathing. If you wish, we can give a finishing touch with a spray that leaves the coat with a beautiful scent.

You can choose between bathing package for the short coats under 5 cm (for example JackRussell) or long coats over 5 cm (for example Havanna).

You can select additional services for the bathing package:

  • Tidy-up of the facial area
  • Tidy-up of the paws
  • Sanitary trim (of the rear end and groin area)

Price: Starting from 62 € (See the exact prices from booking service)

Undercoat removal

Undercoat removal saves you from a lot of extra trouble when your dog is shedding!

Undercoat removal is done in three steps:

  1. The dog is given a thorough bathing
  2. The dog is dried using a special blow dryer, which lifts up any loose undercoat off the dog’s skin
  3. The coat is brushed thoroughly.

During the blow drying, owing to the highly efficient loosening of hair, the drying room looks like the eye of a snow storm! The procedure is totally painless for the dog, and most dogs seem to enjoy it when the stream of air blows against the skin and the itchy undercoat comes off.

Undercoat removal is one of our most popular treatments. It is especially helpful for dogs with a double coat that shed a lot of hair. Our customers have told us that their homes are free of loose hair even up to six weeks after the bathing. Undercoat removal also includes ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Price: Starting from 65 € (See the exact prices from booking service)


Our booking system allows you to book your dog’s individual SPA care, SPA service with day care or just day care.