Customized grooming services for all breeds of dogs.

The grooming services are designed according to the breed of dog, coat type and the owners’ individual wishes.

All work at Kuonola is done in an accurate and considerate manner so that your dog will leave our salon feeling good and looking great! Every grooming service includes careful bathing and blow drying of the coat, nail clipping and ear hair plucking if needed. To ensure a beautiful and shiny result, we use organic products for bathing. If you wish a finishing touch can be given with a spray that leaves a beautiful scent on the coat.

Regular grooming makes the whole experience less stressful for most dogs, which is why we offer a special price to all clients who visit our salon for a bathing or grooming session at least every six weeks.



Dogs with flowing, curly or woolly hair

Turkin leikkaus lyhyeen lemmikkimalliin.

Clipping or scissoring of the coat for a short pet look

  • Clipping or scissoring for a short yet individual look
  • You can choose from various styles of familiar, short clipping and scissoring as well as newer styles, such as Asian fusion
  • Outcome: a coat that’s beautiful but easy to care for
  • Price: Starting from 93 € (See the exact prices from booking service)
Kuonolan muotoonleikkauksessa Leikataan omistajan toivomaan rodunomaiseen malliin.

Clipping and scissoring for a specific cut

  • Clipping and scissoring to a breed-standard cut according to the owner’s wishes
  • Suitable for owners who want their dog’s coat to have a smart look and owners who are willing to put more effort into coat care
  • Outcome: A smart-looking coat that requires a bit more care at home
  • Price: Starting from 111 € (See the exact prices from booking service)
Turkin leikkaus kauttaaltaan lyhyeksi -palvelussa turkki leikataan kauttaaltaan lyhyeksi koneella helposti hoidettavaksi.

Scissoring or clipping short completely

  • Clipping short all over the body, so-called shaving
  • Easy to maintain
  • Outcome: Light and easy-care coat with fur length of 0.5 to 1 cm
  • Price: Starting from 83 € (See the exact prices from booking service)
Turkki siistitään kauttaaltaan saksilla ja tarvittaessa osittain nyppimällä.

Tidy-up of the coat

  • The coat is tidied all over with scissors and, as necessary, partially by stripping, e.g. for spaniels
  • You can also choose a shortened version of the above, i.e. the so-called sports model. This model is very practical for dogs who spend a lot of time in nature
  • Outcome: A tidy, practical and beautiful coat. The look of the breed is preserved, and the coat is stylish and sleek
  • Price: Starting from 93 € (See the exact prices from booking service)

The service is meant for breeds including spaniels and retrievers and breeds with a double coat requiring tidying with scissors, such as Pomeranians


Wire-haired dogs requiring grooming by stripping

The special nature of wirehair means that it requires stripping when devitalized, as it does not come off on its own. Therefore, the coat of wire-haired dogs must be groomed on a regular basis by stripping in order to allow the coat to regrow and to help keep the dog’s skin in good condition.

We recommend that the coat of wire-haired dogs be stripped on a regular basis by ‘rolling’. In this case the coat is maintained by stripping it regularly (every 6 to 8 weeks), allowing the coat to retain its lively, clean and breed-standard look, and so that the appearance of the dog doesn’t alternate between naked and shaggy.

If the stripping is done less often, for example only twice a year, the entire coat of the dog is already dead, and needs to be stripped away in its entirety in one go. Even though this procedure is not painful for the dog, it is more taxing on the skin, and the outcome also has a more modest look.

Stripping less often may also result in a situation which after the stripping, only the undercoat remains, giving no protection for the dog in rain or cold weather.

After stripping by rolling, the dog is left with a thin layer of wirehair, which is weatherproof and protective, yet not uncomfortable for the dog, even in summer. Regular maintenance of the coat significantly improves your dog’s well-being!

When stripped often, it is a good idea to wash the coat to efficiently remove any loose hair, dirt and dust from the dog’s skin and to make the outcome look finished. Washing with proper products, designed for wirehair does not soften the hair.

In Kuonola, the customer may choose between stripping without bathing (including nail clipping) and the SPA service package, which includes stripping and careful washing and blow drying of the coat, ear cleaning and nail clipping. For the bathing, we use organic products designed for hair to be stripped that give the hair a beautiful and shiny result and do not soften it.

Stripping of the coat

  • The coat is stripped in its entirety to achieve the desired look
  • The customer may choose between stripping without bathing and the SPA service package
  • The outcome is a sleek and healthy skin and coat for your dog  
  • The coat can be groomed as agreed by scissoring if your dog is older or has sensitive skin
  • Price: Starting from 94 € (See the exact prices from booking service)
Turkin nyppimisessä turkki nypitään kauttaaltaan haluttuun malliin.


Our booking system allows you to book your dog’s individual SPA care, SPA service with day care or just day care.