Give you puppy a lifetime of stress-free grooming experiences with Kuonola’s Puppy Package

Congratulations! You have gotten a wonderful new addition to your family, whose coat and skin will need continuous care throughout its life. It is extremely important to get puppies used to being handled and cared for at a grooming salon and at home from a very young age. Getting puppies familiar to grooming is a process that should start as early as possible, that is why we recommend our puppy package to 12-week-old puppy owners. 

During the first visit puppies get their nails clipped, they get introduced to the sounds of the grooming salon and to being handled by a professional groomer. The following visits include a face, hygiene and feet trim, a bathing and blow-drying session and ear hair plucking if needed.  

Kuonola’s puppy package is composed of three (3) visits to the grooming salon, one every other week, designed to introduce puppies to being groomed. The package also includes some homework for the owner. 

Getting used to being on the grooming table, nail clipping, combing/brushing (15 min)

First introduction to the sound of the blow dryer and clippers, light feet, face and hygiene trim. (30 min)

Bathing and drying, face, paw and hygienic tidy up. (45-60 min)

Kuonola’s puppy package includes a 20% discount for a full grooming session valid for 4 months from the day of purchase

Kuonola’s Puppy Package is 79€ (VAT included)